Box Hangers/Hardware/Supports

Box Hangers quickly mount a box to T-grid. They are easily installable but hand and they have adjustable height for various electrical box depths. Hardware is tools, machinery and other durable equipment. Supports are things that bear the weight of something and keep it upright.

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Box Extender
Box Extenders level and support the wiring device where the box is set back from the wall surface. They extend the box up to 1-1/2. Box Extenders function with all standard devices, switches and GFCIs. They allow the contractor to comply with 2005 NEC Article 314 20.

Box Support Clips/Hangers/Fasteners
Box Support Clips/Hangers/Fasteners clip to plaster, drywall, concrete block, brick or concrete. They can clip to old work steel switch boxes tightly to wall plaster, dry wall, concrete block, brick or concrete. They are made of steel.

Device/Fixture Retainers (Levelers)
Device/Fixture Retainers (Levelers) are used for oversize drywall openings. They help to prevent broken cover plates. They also help to prevent devices from being pushed back in the wall. It makes the floating device rigid.

Floor Mount Box Supports (Concrete Forms)
Floor Mount Box Supports (Concrete Forms) have quick, easy and efficient compliance to construction requirements. They have versatile positioning and are independent of wall stud location. They accommodate additional brackets for multiple box and device mounting.

Ground Clips/Pigtails
Ground Clips/Pigtails are easy-to-install clips for securely fastening ground wires to poles and cross arms. They make high pressure, large area contact with the ground wire and prevent radio interference producing static discharges by using ground wire clips.

Low Voltage Brackets
Low Voltage Brackets have PVC construction for durable performance. They are designed for low-voltage devices in an existing wall. They install vertically or horizontally. They can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Stud Mount Brackets/Clips/Plates
Stud Mount Brackets/Clips/Plates easily attach to outlet boxes to metal or wood studs. They support leg reduces movement of box in wall. The offset design and use of SMS8 low profile self-tapping screws reduce dry wall bulge.