Electrical Hardware, Ties, Splicing & Supplies

Electrical Hardware, Ties, Splicing & Supplies includes cable/conduit clamp & staple, cable/conduit clips, cable splicing kits, cable tie mounts, cable ties, electrical hangers, electrical lead set, electrical receptacle multipliers, heat shrinkable tube and strain reliefs.

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Cable/Conduit Clamp & Staple Cable/Conduit Clips
Cable Tie Mounts
Cable Ties Electrical Hangers
Electrical Lead Set Electrical Receptacle Multipliers
Heat Shrinkable Tube

Cable/Conduit Clamp & Staple
Cable/Conduit Clamp & Staples are for use with a strut attachment. They have a finish that is zinc plated. The mounting type is a screw on. They may be used with beam clamps. The standards are UL and CUL listed.

Cable/Conduit Clips
Cable/Conduit Clips support conduit to rod, wire or flange. They can be used for flexible metal tubing, armored cable, portable cables, control tubes and communications cables.

Cable Splicing Kits
Cable Splicing Kits are designed to insulate and seal 5kV-rated unshielded, single conductor cables and 1 kV-rated multiple conductor cables. It is suitable for use in weather-exposed or direct-burial locations. Cable Splicing kits insulate and seal unshielded, single conductor cables and multiple conductor cables.

Cable Tie Mounts
Cable Tie Mounts are easy to use and quick to install. They eliminate cable tangles and clutter. They anchor your nylon cable ties and remove the cables from the floor.

Cable Ties
Cable Ties are a type of fastener that is used for holding items together, primarily electric cables or wires. They have a low cost and they are easy to use. Cable Ties are ubiquitous and they find many uses in a wide range of other applications. The common Cable Tie is normally made of nylon.

Electrical Hangers
Electrical Hangers are used to suspend and hold conduit and cable. Electrical Hangers are made of porcelain and galvanized steel. They are for indoor or outdoor use. They can be installed quickly.

Electrical Lead Set
An Electrical Lead Set is the perfect test kit for today’s electronics tests and designs. The kit includes precision electronic probes with multiple spring-loaded sharp tips to maximize contact with SMD test points. It is designed to improve steadiness in slippery hands. There are rubber overmolded surfaces and finger-hugging curves that give the user a comfortable, reliable grip.

Electrical Receptacle Multipliers
Electrical Receptacle Multipliers are ideal for night-lights, battery chargers, Carbon Monoxide detectors, emergency flashlights and oversized adapters. They are great for usage in various places.

Heat Shrinkable Tube
Heat Shrinkable Tubes are a shrinkable plastic tube used to insulate wires, providing abrasion resistance and environmental protection for stranded and solid wire connections, joints and terminals in electrical engineering.

Strain Reliefs
Strain Reliefs are indispensible components when it comes to protecting wire and cabling from dust, moisture and a wide variety of chemicals. Strain reliefs also reinforce mechanical strength and electrical integrity, especially in highly volatile environments with wide fluctuations in temperature and movement.