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Lighting Missouri and Illinois is made so much easier by taking a visit to Frost. We offer a full spectrum of commercial and industrial lighting fixtures, CFL and LED lighting solutions and the bi-state area's largest supply of commercial lighting control. Offering such an impressive array of lighting and electrical supply products could create confusion in some of our visitors, which is why we made certain to have lighting design experts on staff to navigate the multitude of choices. For on-site contractors seeking electrical lighting supply answers, we have a knowledgeable project-quotations department on hand to quickly turn around bids.

Customers can expect our LEED Accredited Experts and NAED Certified Electrical Professionals to assist you in choosing the right supply for the job. If all that was not enough, we also offer lighting product training for professionals and tradesmen. The sessions can be conveniently held at Frost or the customer's location. Past topics discussed include Energy Efficient Lighting and Lighting Controls.

Electronic Ballasts, Light Fixtures and Lighting Supplies

St. Louis Lighting

Green electrical upgrades in commercial and industrial facilities are in greater demand these days.   We have seen an evolution in the lighting field as LED and technology continues to change.  New lighting fixtures, lamps and electronic ballasts are far more energy efficient than older systems and also play a major role in meeting LEED requirements. We offer our customers a full range of professional interior and exterior luminary products, and services for all commercial and industrial lighting applications. Whether you are looking for HALO LED dimmable downlights, or RAB outdoor LED fixtures, we have the product to ensure your project is energy efficient and offers potential labor savings.

Lamp & Lamp Ballast Recycling

Though today's lighting systems are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than ever before, there are still some hazardous materials in lighting waste as well as a large amount of older technology that will have to be properly disposed of when replaced. Whether you have a small volume of recyclables resulting from spot maintenance or larger volumes as a result of re-lamping or retrofit projects, we can tailor a recycling program to fit your needs. Contact one of our lighting representatives today to learn more about these programs or to order RECYCLEPAKs for effective spot maintenance.

CFL & LED Lighting Solutions

Between 2012 and 2014, all common light bulbs must use 20-30% less energy and by 2020 60% less than today's incandescent lamps. All of these measures will result in a 45% savings per year in energy costs and a payback incentive for property owners. We are proud to sell both CFL and LED lighting products to help your home or business operate more efficiently, saving you money. Our nationally certified, in-house lighting consultants can evaluate your lighting system, giving you the help you need to convert to an energy-efficient lighting system. Before you start your next lighting project, browse our site for stock products,  call or visit your nearest Frost location to see the latest in , LED and other new energy saving solutions.

Lighting Control

Lighting controls save energy costs in homes, commercial offices, warehouses and factory floors. Facility managers and business owners are realizing that lighting controls are necessary, because they directly impact and improve the bottom line, without much financial investment and installation costs. We can help you meet your bottom line by offering the largest supply of commercial lighting control in the bi-state area. Our full inventory includes everything from single wall dimmers and occupancy sensors to whole house dimming and switching systems.  Now more than ever, solutions are being offered to wirelessly control entire rooms and warehouses even from a single smartphone. To see some products in action, visit our St. Louis County Headquarters for a live demo of warehouse lighting and lighting control. Whether for home, office or warehouse facility, our electrical lighting supplies experts can bring you the service and state-of-the-art lighting control technology necessary to maximize energy efficiency.

We set ourselves apart from the competition by offering local availability, delivery from 6 area locations and specialized customer service experts on staff. We are the region's only complete source for installation of electrical, lighting and datacomm products. If you are in the business of lighting St. Louis, Columbia, MO or our Illinois markets visit us today to get everything you need for your next project.